Ah, the magic of writing in workshop. Already I’ve forgotten what specific prompt I gave–a bunch of fuzzy pictures pulled off the internet, I think. One of them inspired this piece, published here with Margot’s permission.

Thank you, Margot!

Thank-you Grey’s Anatomy
By Margot Jerome
May 17, 2018

After 11 Seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, I feel confident that I could tell an aneurysm from a tumor on a CT SCAN.  Treat a burn? No Problem. Stop a bleed during heart surgery? Yes, I think I could say with confidence that I could do that too. Meanwhile, the piles of stuff on my desk are growing like metastases, the dust thick enough to write in, and I’m even sorrier to say that the dinners I’ve been making are last minute, uninspired and pantry-driven. I can tell you who is sleeping with whom, who’s died, and I can forecast who will make it to the next season. My husband got sucked into the drama too, but hated himself for it, so now he won’t watch it; but he still wants to know what happening with all the characters. I guess I don’t hate myself enough, because I look forward to folding clothes and ironing – no really, I iron! All so I can turn on the next episode and see what’s happening with Meredith Grey and her colleagues. But still, I take comfort in knowing that if you fell and broke your leg, I could set your broken femur.