Free-Range Writers

Free-Range Writers Sessions Suspended

Thanks to the pandemic, most AWA affiliates were forced to suspend the treasured writing circles created in their in-person workshops. But many of us, to our surprise, found that we could not only make an intimate and safe space online, but that we could connect with even more of our world-wide community through Zoom and other online meeting software.

Personal circumstances have made it impossible for me to offer my own online writing sessions. But life does have a way of evening out. Health improves, demands decrease, responsibilities ease. So I’m hoping to invite you to join me in the fall for a new Free-Range Writers workshop via Zoom. Fill out the form below to let me know you’re interested, or contact me if you’d like to talk about it: lane (at)

As Pat Schneider said, “A good writing workshop is a safe place to experiment, to gain courage as well as skill, to learn—in short, to write.” I am looking forward to again creating a safe writing space for myself and other writers.

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