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What do we actually do in a workshop? We write in community, whether we’re physically together, or meeting remotely. When you choose a chair in the circle, you’ll find a page or two on the seat—a poem, a quotation, a brief story for you to take away and enjoy. If we’re meeting in the ether, I’ll include the on-chairs, as we call them, with your reminder email.

For a new community of writers, I begin by reviewing the AWA workshop practices, and asking for everyone’s agreement; we’ll then have a short write to help everyone learn a little about one another..

Before I introduce the first prompt, I may suggest that we all sit quietly for a moment, grounding ourselves, breathing. The prompt may be lines from a poem, pictures, or a visualization; it may be something to touch or smell or listen to. In any case, it is entirely yours to use, or not use, as you please.

I will let everyone know how long the writing will be, and give a couple of minutes warning before the time ends. Once we all find a stopping place, I will ask who would like to read.

Reading what you’ve written is entirely optional. After a someone reads, I ask for responses: “What is strong in this writing? What will you remember?“ We offer no suggestions or criticism, ask no questions—we are welcoming this newborn, first-draft writing into our circle.

After everyone who wants to read has done so, we pause a moment, then move to the next prompt. Again, every prompt is a suggestion, a starting place. Sometimes people are moved to continue with the piece they’ve just begun, write a new response to an earlier prompt, or work on to something else altogether.

We take a break about half-way through the session. During the break, we get further acquainted, of course. But we will not discuss our writing outside the circle, even in the company of those in our workshop. We give one another the promise of confidentiality, and with it, the freedom to write about anything in safety.


Click Here to read about Upcoming Free Range Writing Workshop